Sherlock’s The Final Problem – How was it for you? (Spoilers!)



So Sherlock series four is over. What did you think?

Pretty dark, poor Victor Trevor – but did that ending show a light at the end of the tunnel or was that the perfect way to end the show for good?

It did suggest that the team were back together again, like the good old days of Jeremy Brett or Basil Rathbone (Rathbone place at the end of the episode there).

It would be easy to speculate that there’ll be no more, but makers Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss can’t give us a straight answer, so there’s always hope, right?


As for Eurus, not sure I’d volunteer to be her bestie…

Despite this not being the best series of Sherlock, hey, I love the ‘story-of-the-week’ okay?, it did have its good points.

Here were the great points of the finale:

We got to find out about the Holmes’ childhood

The Final Problem was a dizzying mind-fuck, a bit like Saw crossed with the Crystal Maze, which ended in the reveal that Eurus (played by Sian Brooke – brilliantly) killed Sherlock’s childhood chum because she was jealous.

Her testing of Watson, Sherlock & Mycroft’s detecting skills and humanity both floored and brought out the best in the characters, especially Mycroft.

Which leads us too…



This was Mycroft’s time to shine. From the opening sequence watching his favourite film and his cool umbrella to his salty seafaring disguise and revelations about his school days as Lady Bracknall, Mark Gatiss’ elder Holmes was the outstanding sibling in this installment.

Oh and we saw Mr & Mrs Holmes aka Wanda Ventham and Timothy Carlton aka Benedict Cumberbatch’s parents. yey!


Woah! Tenby got exciting!

Or rather, St Catherine’s Rock off the coast of the beautiful Pembrokeshire town.

Anyone who’s been to Tenby will have seen the fort and wondered  what it was?

It was Sherrinford! Nah, not really – but that was pretty cool, from a Welsh perspective, right?

Did you miss me?

Ahhh, Moriarty. Now, I wasn’t a fan of this classic nemesis in the modern remake but I was kind of glad to see him back this time. Even if it was a flashback.


And that entrance. Cracking.

(Pictures: BBC)